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Exence S.A.
Bielany Wrocławskie
ul. Szwedzka 5

55-040 Kobierzyce, PL
(9km to center of Wroclaw, 16km to Wroclaw Airport)


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M-F: 8am – 5pm (CET)
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phone: +48 71 782 06 00

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Do you have solutions for the Covid-19 impact on business?

We are well prepared for the Covid – 19 situation and offer our Clients individual solutions like non-contact working, cybersecurity, teleworking, remote working, security of supply and security of information.

What countries are your clients from?

We have a number of global clients and our solutions are universally applicable. At this time we closely cooperate with clients from:
– The United States
– Great Britain
– Belgium
– Germany
– Italy
– Portugal
– Spain

What industries do you support?

We work for clients in the following sectors: defense, production, logistic, automotive, HR, pharmacy, healthcare and direct sales. We also have over 18 years of experience in a wide variety of construction and installation industries.

How do you keep your clients' information confidential?

Confidentiality is very important for us. First of all, we sign an NDA which prevents data from being used for other purposes. All our employees are trained in the importance of client confidentiality.

What can you offer for your global clients?

We are flexible and adjust to the needs of each individual client. We can provide nearshore and offshore IT outsourcing in many various scenarios. Clients can hire an individual talent or a tailored team including analysts, testers, system architects, project managers, developers and other IT specialists. We work remotely from our Wrocław office or in client’s premises. You can choose what works best for you.

Exence S.A.

Bielany Wrocławskie,
Szwedzka 5, 55-040 Kobierzyce